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An exclamatory phase instructing someone to immediately stop whatever they are doing, usually for the dire safty of themselve and/or others.

Derivered from the U.S. Army Air Assualt school, where it is a command yelled out when a helicopter's towed payload has snaged on something, and the crew has only a few split seconds before the tow lines go taunt and the helicopter crashes.

Can be accompanied by or said silently with the Army hand signal of holding one arm straight and level ahead with palm open and down, then moving the other arm in an open palm-down horizontal repeated cutting motion underneath the straight arm.
Bob had too much to drink at the bar, and his friends couldn't help but notice. At first they where just humerously watching; but when Bob started to hit on a shemale, they caught his attention with handsignals while mouthing the words "CUT THE STRINGS!"
by awelltrainedferret April 27, 2007
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