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Someone who is obsessed with women making them sandwiches.
Manfred: Make me a sandwich, woman!

Mildred: What a man...
by losersquaredthatsme June 24, 2010
The only person you would want to be with in every situation. Someone you want to be with all your life. Funny, cute, someone you can always have a conversation with. Even though they might upset you, you can't feel angry. You can't stop loving them. They are everything you will ever need and truly care about.
I wish Etienne was here with me...
by losersquaredthatsme January 26, 2009
a) replaces lol

b) is used by people that think using it will make themselves look gangster
1337swordoperator582: gu355 wh4t I d1d l45t night??!?!!

05imNOTn00bzorz10101: d1d j00 5tudy??!?!

1337swordoperator582: 70t4lly!!11!1

1337swordoperator582 & 50imNOTn00bzorz10101 (at the same time): LAWLSAUR!!!!!11!!!1!!

by losersquaredthatsme February 18, 2009
Someone who participates in wall breaking action by jumping through them and then saying "Oh Yeah".
Bobbert: Dude! Why is there a giant hole in your wall?

Bobberto: The Koolaid Man came again.
by losersquaredthatsme June 26, 2010
Someone who looks through all your photos but doesn't comment.
Pablo: Dude, Jenna has this cute fluffy pillow. I always wanted one of those!
Paco: How do you know about that? Stalker.
Pablo: Uhh uhh well... Well how do you know about that!
Paco: Uhh...
by losersquaredthatsme March 14, 2009
The kid that carries a roller backpack in the position of a lawnmower whenever he walks to/from school. He is known to attack people with it.
That lawnmower kid just turned around and started attacking those people with his backpack.
by losersquaredthatsme July 03, 2009
Someone whose leg hair resembles an army of porcupines.
Susie: When was the last time needlehairs shaved?

Betsy: What do you think?
by losersquaredthatsme June 26, 2010

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