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The only person you would want to be with in every situation. Someone you want to be with all your life. Funny, cute, someone you can always have a conversation with. Even though they might upset you, you can't feel angry. You can't stop loving them. They are everything you will ever need and truly care about.
I wish Etienne was here with me...
by losersquaredthatsme January 26, 2009
Etienne- One of the best ever people to have ever walked the planet. A true and utter sex God, a genius, handsome, and also the nicest person in the world. Like if Jesus was put in a blender, lego, condoms and love were added, you freeze the result into an Etienne mold. And thats how you get a quarter of the glory of Etienne.
Girl 1- I had sex with a true Etienne last night
Girl 2- Lucky bitch...
by Geordie Falcon August 26, 2009
According to the "Acts of the Apostles", "Etienne performs miracles and remarkable signs among the people".Its name comes from the Greek word for "crowned".
St.Etienne was the first Christian martyr who assisted the wives of the Apostles in their absence....

by atmcrespo April 08, 2008
Referring to something great. Anything nice. Can also be used as hot.
"You're so etienne!" Meaning either, you're so hot, nice or great.
by Silvie June 11, 2008
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