65 definitions by lol

person who makes loud chomping sounds when he/she eats.
"Chew with your mouth closed! You're such a yumper!"
by lol September 26, 2004
to be extremely funny/fun filled, the kind of fun you have on a rollercoaster.
lollercoaster that was sooo fun
by lol March 24, 2003
mod for those that get owned in other mods. to replace skill with game speed and spam.
by lol March 04, 2003
cheesy ''psytrance'' group formed by Ari Linker that sucks big time
OMFG AP sucks, you should listen to D-Tek
by lol July 24, 2004
2)Massive eyebrows
1)That boy is so Chaswick
2)Omj look at the Chaswicks on him
by lol May 01, 2003
A silly gay man with a brain the size of his penis, which probably is the size of a peanut
Tare2 sucks ass for fun lol
by LOL November 28, 2004
Admin of Gamerz Guild; A fag who likes to dance; A tanking machine in an MMORPG, which... Really dosen't like to tank; The act of being gay; AKA fagzor; HEY LOL ASL?
I tankzored your mom last night.
by Lol December 11, 2003

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