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a method of masterbation. the 'user' claps both hands around his crunne on, squeezes until its numb, then proceed to masterbate with both hands at a furious pace. continue to spadging occurs.
Q - you just like you've spadged your life away. why is that?

A - i've just had a double fisted piledriver.

she gave him a double fisted piledriver, but, being female, had not mastered the technique good enough and ripped his crunne-on off.
by listypoos September 24, 2004
the name for the slightly gooey liquid found in and around a lady's thogg. sometimes used to help prevent mouth ulsers.
yeah, you should have seen that girl last night, she had an abundance of mingella, as well as tasting like a key.
by listypoos September 28, 2004
a person who can be described as looking like an actor in a comedy pornographic film.
christ, have you seen elton over there? with those glasses and that wig on, he looks like a right pornish casty!
by listypoos September 20, 2004
To go out after forgetting to apply deoderant, and ending up smelling like a homeless hooker in the middle of a fish market.
1st person: Hey there, how are you? Oh christ, you smell awful!
2nd person: What do you mean... oh shit, I'm barlikk!
by listypoos November 09, 2004
To play mind games with someone.
Before the match started, he accused them of fielding 14 players, whilst refusing to count them. He was just having a dirguson.
by listypoos November 09, 2004
a comedian who thinks they're funny but who has all the comedy timing of russ abbott
the first act on the bill tonight recieved a luke-warm reaction from the crowd after a perry vossibell performance.
by listypoos October 26, 2004
to masterbate furiously, so fast that ones hand becomes a blur.
Q - what happened to you to make you come to hospital?

A - i snapped my banjo string having a thunderstrum
by listypoos September 24, 2004

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