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A genre of rock music that appeals to thirty- and forty-something caucasian women, many of whom have children. Examples include Bon Jovi, Nickelback, and Los Lonely Boys.
Bon Jovi is the epitome of mom rock. My friend's mom loves 'em!
by leo3375 June 24, 2007
A song that has been so overly processed and manipulated by the producers that the original artist's voice is barely recognizeable. The term was coined by Sirius radio personality Derek Hartley.
Britney's new album is nothing but Kraft singles. It's pathetic.
by leo3375 November 09, 2007
The notion that someone can be so ugly they're cute.
She certainly isn't beautiful by society's standards, but through Pug Theory there is something strangely beautiful and graceful about her.
by leo3375 June 28, 2011
The language spoken by douchebags, wiggers, etc.
Methinks "nagguh" is Douchanese for "my fellow dicktard."
by leo3375 December 15, 2009
A man with at least one cat
"My cat ate my White Castle and I didn't do anything about it. Am I a bad cat dad?"
by leo3375 March 24, 2010
A derogatory term for a groupie, describing them as nothing more than easy sex for traveling musicians, actors, athletes, etc.
She acts like they have this special relationship but she doesn't seem to understand that she's nothing more than road meat to him.
by leo3375 March 02, 2009
The child at a party whose parents won't allow them to eat the food being served, providing the child with carrots or other veggies to eat while the other children get cake, ice cream, and other sugar-loaded foods.
"I'm not into sugar for kids...but you don't want your kid to be the carrot kid. There's always the kid at the birthday parties carrying a bag of carrots. You've got to let them eat a little cake." --Tobey Maguire
by leo3375 September 21, 2009

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