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A combination dick/ retard. that is to say that not only is the guy a complete moron, but he's also a flat-out asshole.
Man, David Spade is such a total dicktard, i bet he likes a nice hot carl.
by InSoMnIaK July 20, 2003
Someone who is being both retarded and an asshole. A conjunction of the adjectives "dick" and "retard"
Even though Bill was wrong, he still argued the point. So Stephanie called him a dicktard.
by Dark Dreamer January 15, 2014
A person who is such a dick and stupid that a whole new word had to be made to insult he or she.
Tom: Dude remember the time I feel off the roof and into your car.

Jerry: Yeah, dicktard.
by Danile Redundant December 06, 2010
A Insult used in extreme cases in which one insult would not be enough.
Dave:Hi George ive been playing that new game thats come out.
George:Oh! its shit

Dave:How is it you Dicktard.
by pricey987 August 15, 2012
When someone is being dumb,and as a result is also a jerk, but they don't realize it till later.
I was a dick tard to my two very good friends, because I was acting dumb.
by Phi Lamda July 10, 2008
Someone who is prone to genital related uncoordination such as sitting on yourself or missing the bowl in the toilet due to complete lack of basic control.
"That guy totally pissed all over the seat. What a dicktard."
by Mr. Vocabularizor August 12, 2009
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