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When a person (usually a woman) uses guilt, power, or knowledge of certain secrecy, to force another person into having sex or performing sexual favors.

Knowing of his previous acts of adultery, his portly cousin saw it as an opportunity to use sextortion to gain some sexual pleasures of her own.

by KSense January 26, 2009
Sextortion is when a girlfriend gets pregnant by her boyfriend and he doesn't understand the plot that her intention is to have his kid with the hopes of him proposing to her, and if that plan fails, she moves onto plan B.

Sextortion Plan B is to get pregnant by her boyfriend knowing he won't propose to her so she can claim child support.
She's such a ho that she used Sextortion to get married, and when that didn't work she went with Sextortion Plan B where she had his kid and sued him for child support.
by Chang Qou March 20, 2016
What perv's and bully's do when they get or hack a pic or vid (usually of a girl/young woman) then threaten to ruin their lives by sending it to their parents, friends, boss, boyfriend (or his mom) etc. They often demand more pics and videos in more and more positions.
They found out she committed suicide because she was a victim of sextortion.
by Halloweenchix October 17, 2015
Extortion in sexual trysts. Blackmail using Sex, Sexpionage in action.
The FBI and CIA commonly use Sextortions on state and political officials now.

Clinton was being Sextorted via the Monica Lewinski affair.

NY Gov. Elliott Spitzer, the "Sheriff of Wallstreet", was Sextorted to remove him from investigating the bank foreclosure scheme.

Google: FBI Corruption Robin Head
by xxxMadam July 28, 2009
A portmanteau of "sex" and "extortion;" when one has knowledge of someone's infidelity and threatens to make said knowledge public unless they are given a large amount of money
David Letterman became a target of sextortion when a former CBS producer threatened to disclose Letterman's history of affairs unless Letterman paid him $2 million.
by leo3375 October 03, 2009
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