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pretty much the hottest and most amazing kid alive.
i love him to deathh. :D
p.s.he's awesome at hockeyy.
damnn that garett kid is a studd. :)
by turtlelover5 March 26, 2009
Derivative of Gerard; German for brave spear, or spear-hardy.

1) A man in the truest sense. Not for his actions, but for his heart. He wields a spear not physically, but spiritually, piercing the darkness with a braveness he doesn't even know he possesses.

2) Loyal and faithful at his core, he is a constant companion and friend. When he loves, he loves fully, and forever. He is the kind of man that doesn't mess around or hurt people.

3) The voice of an angel, a pure and honest heart, the perfect sense of humor, and eyes that hold a quiet power and strength like you've never seen before.

4) A man after God's own heart, and unbelievably handsome to boot!
Everybody needs a Garett in their life.
by Piddlyflapperton January 09, 2013
He is the cutest guy in school,the ladies love him and he has a crush on the one that is most like a tomboy
Hey did you see Tom he is like a Garett
by #Hidudes April 06, 2015
1.) to take geometry when you're in 8th grade online then ditch it to play minecraft then miss a butt ton of school

2.)A fat boy who doesn't seem like much at first, but full of surprises. He's a computer nerd, plays minecraft a LOT, minesweeper, he's a genius and he's cute!
Shawn: Where is Dylan?
Zack: He's taking a Garett just like I did for some weeks.
Shawn: he's missed like over 2 months of school and when ever I see him in the library he always plays minecraft
by cat census May 27, 2012
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