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A game that starts off decent. You spend hours building up your guy, then the new age starts. So you give up
Yo all click my link (BANNED)
by kuponutmog April 18, 2005
a player of runescape who trains little more than his combat. he does clues every couple of seconds, and even though he is rich, seems to still think of things of little value as valuable
Iron: Hey, combat 84 now
Kupo: Nice! are you going to stop training any time soon?
(a couple of minutes later)
Iron: Hey, combat 85 now

by kuponutmog April 23, 2005
a pretty boring online game made by a guy called fred. its a point and click role playing game, with little or no originality. the only reason to play is grundighifi's clan recruitment threads, but he seems to have given up, so no point at all playing this game
Click click click (use mandrake roots) click click click (use mandrake roots) click click click.... develop RSI
by kuponutmog April 18, 2005
A brilliant runescape player, very genorous (especially in dealing death in the wilderness)
What the hell? AAAAAHHHH! what?!? i cant move!!! noooo! eh? grrr... which way to edgesville from lumbridge?
by kuponutmog April 18, 2005
Definition.... perfection comes to mind, especially when its yuna, rikku, rinoa, selphie and / or quistis (preferably and)
Hmmm.... im bored.... get the hentai out.... which one? hard to chose between all my 5000000000000 pics...
by kuponutmog April 18, 2005
THE reason for hentai... shame none of them can do it right :'(
WOW!!! look at her!!! nice clothes, beautiful hair, nice personality... waaaaaah i want her
by kuponutmog April 18, 2005
someone who is constantly studying, doing nothing but it. Usually shows signs of extreme aggression when distracted in class
james flint
adrian bowden
by kuponutmog April 18, 2005
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