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1. when someone breathes on you and their breath smells as though they have not brushed their teeth in a week

2. clue that you have to work on your personal hygiene
"Get out of my face wit yo' hot breath!"
by Krazy K January 08, 2005
The Lord of all fags.
Steve Lachut is the faglord.
by Krazy K January 28, 2004
1. small breasts
2. nipples
3. fingers
1. Check your nubbins! They're hanging out of your bathing suit, Savanna!
2. My nubbins look like milk duds!
3. Get your nubbins off me gold!
by Krazy K October 19, 2003
see hemorrhoid
You should have seen that guy's anus boils!
by Krazy K December 21, 2002
to laugh loudly, somewhat like a donkey
What are you heehawing about? My joke wasn't that funny!
by Krazy K November 30, 2002
1. The French number three
2. Number three in reference to bodily functions (i.e. i have to go number 1)
1. Un, Deux, Trois...(1, 2, 3...)
2. I need to take a major trois! It's starting to prairie dog!
by Krazy K October 19, 2003
Arkansas slang for 'finger'
Hey, Cledus, come see if my fanger is infected.
by Krazy K November 30, 2002

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