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A condition in which one consumes so much alcohol that they end up vomiting it up and therefore do not gain weight (and may in fact lose weight). Furthermore, the day after a night of binge drinking, the alcolimic is unable to consume food due to nasty hangover. See alcorexia.
Sorostitutes are commonly afflicted with alcolimia from Thursday evenings to Sunday mornings.
by koalaroo May 19, 2008
Shut The Fuck Up.

An acronym that will get you reported and punished in World of Warcraft, because Blizzard is fascist.
Nub Rogue in BG chat: OMGWTF YOU GUYS SUCK!
Annoyed Player: Dude, stfu and play.
by koalaroo February 29, 2008
A ginormous diamond engagement ring. Often found on the ring finger of a gold digger.
Holy shit! I just got blinded by the skating rink on that chick's finger!
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
A frost shock & purge machine in World of Warcraft.
That shaman just purged my buffs and rank 1 frost shocked me to death!
by koalaroo February 29, 2008
A huge church that is usually baptist or non-denominational evangelical. The size of the church and of the parking lot might make some confuse it with an airport. It usually has a ton of money and a huge congregation willing to fork over money for whatever reason the pastor deems necessary. The church goers may seem brainwashed.
Did you see that new Goditorium off of highway 123? It must have like 10,000 members...
by koalaroo February 29, 2008
When a worthless druid in World of Warcraft spams Moonfire on a target, usually another player in PVP. The spell is visually spammy and annoying. Moonfire spam takes no skill.
That druid tried to Moonfire spam me to death, but he sucked so bad that he shifted into travel form and ran away.
by koalaroo March 05, 2008
This is the condition that occurs after a night of binge drinking and the subsequent bout of vomiting. Alcorexia is caused by a hangover so bad that the sufferer cannot eat. A night of alcolimia is often followed by a day of alcorexia.
Some sorostitutes may view alcorexia as a sound form of dieting. After all, it does cut carbs.
by koalaroo May 19, 2008
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