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"Palmetto bug" is a southern euphemism for the giant flying cockroach that inhabits the southeastern US. It is more commonly referred to as the "American cockroach" in scientific conversations.
A palmetto bug flew through the front door and into my face. I wanted to bathe in Lysol afterward.
by koalaroo May 19, 2008
A condition in which a person has multiple STDs. Usually acquired by promiscuous fucktards who refuse to use condoms during intercourse. Used to signify how nasty someone is.
I heard John got herpagonosyphilaids from all those hooknasties.
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
A term usually applied to the blonde, fake n' bake orange girls who frequent frat parties and the beds of student athletes. She usually dresses for male attention: short skirt, tight shirt, thong hanging out, lots of makeup to cover up the ugly. Not all hooknasties are in sororities, but every sorostitute is a hooknasty. Often shamelessly performs the walk of shame. Is proud to talk about her sexploits and how she didn't use a condom.
Hey, go bareback that hooknasty if you want herpes!
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
1. relating to vomit or vomiting
2. An appropriate name for North Charleston, the ghetto attached to Charleston, SC. North Charleston is clearly up from Charleston on the map. Charleston is often referred to as "Chucktown". Thus "up" and "chuck" forming "Upchuck".
1. Don't upchuck in my car!
2. Remember to lock your doors if you're driving through Upchuck, and don't gaze directly at any of its inhabitants.
by koalaroo May 19, 2008
An idiot online who has been around for ages, and still doesn't know how the hell to do things in the video games he plays. Nubsauce is often used together with l2play.
Halo's been out for forever, and he still plays it, and he still sucks at it. What a nubsauce.
by koalaroo February 29, 2008
When a paladin in World of Warcraft uses divine shield and hearths to avoid losing and being corpse-camped.
Person 1: "That fucktard is bubble-hearthing!"
Person 2: "Priest! Mass dispel!"
by koalaroo February 26, 2008
Fear or hatred of whites; fear or hatred of people of European decent. Often associated with racism against whites. This hatred is usually seen as justifiable and often is not viewed as racism.
The derogatory use of words like "cracker" and "snowflake" is indicative Caucasophobia.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright has a raging case of Caucasophobia.
by koalaroo May 03, 2008

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