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A derogatory term for an obese black child that has been fed on a steady diet of Big Macs and fries since birth.
That McNigglet over there is going to die of a heart attack and diabetes before he hits 20.
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
commonly confused with mcnuggets; this word is used by the most racist people working at McDonalds.
Yo man pull those McNigglets up before you burn them.
by s dizzle foshizzle with ma d dizzle September 11, 2007
a mc'donalds dubble chese burger with big mac sause, french fries and sweet and soure sause
that mc'nigglet was fantastic
by dj diddles March 09, 2008
Nickname for a small african american child
living in the inner city / ghetto.
Definition evolved from small African-American children yelling for Chicken Mcnuggets at the local Mcdonald's.
Mommy ! , Mommy! I .want chicken McNugget.
Hey here comes a loud Mcnigglet.
by M. Python September 04, 2008
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