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bimbo sorority girls that like to artificially tan themselves into excess and dress like slutbombs. many answer to the name Jen-Jen and enjoy drunken hook-ups with hambones that are advertised on Facebook.
A hambone and a hooknasty make a hamnasty baby. Thank god for abortion.
by Mot Ekinaj July 19, 2006
A term usually applied to the blonde, fake n' bake orange girls who frequent frat parties and the beds of student athletes. She usually dresses for male attention: short skirt, tight shirt, thong hanging out, lots of makeup to cover up the ugly. Not all hooknasties are in sororities, but every sorostitute is a hooknasty. Often shamelessly performs the walk of shame. Is proud to talk about her sexploits and how she didn't use a condom.
Hey, go bareback that hooknasty if you want herpes!
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
A person of great prepiness. Hooknasties often spend time with their male congruencies, also known as hambones.
Dana is a clown ass midget.
by Rupert Dooney April 18, 2004
A girl so nasty that has characteristics of a hooker. The nastiest girl you know!
That girl was straight HOOK NASTY. "Emelia from chico is hook nasty, look for her on labor day."
by Benpimpin August 26, 2005
To be overtly tanned or bleached; to lack in quality; to be effervescent; to provide Hambones for spooning partners.

Synonyms: Fem-bone or Sorostitute
Did you encounter that Hooknasty several moments ago? If I hadn't been previously engaged in conversation with Mussolini and Stalin, I believe that I would have been distracted by the effervescent sounds escaping from her overly bleached mouth (into her cell phone). Gee, I hope she wasn't offended that I refrained from checking out her spandex-clad, bubbly arse! What a nice T and A she had!
by An Attractive Hambone April 16, 2005
Nasty like a hooker.
Look at that girl, she's makes out with a new guy everyday." "She's hooknasty.
by Mewsies February 04, 2011
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