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"sick of this shit"
stats is killing me. man, i'm so SOTS!

mr. mchenry heard me cuss in class, so now i've resorted to just saying sots.
by kelseyelizabethh September 21, 2011
time to totally kick ass
homecoming is a triple tka event
by kelseyelizabethh January 30, 2010
a g-string made of jean material.
lauren's jean-string was tucked into her shirt, but it was almost camouflaged by the jeans she was wearing.
by kelseyelizabethh April 18, 2010
down for chipotle
guadalupe: man, i'm starved! mexican sounds realllllly good.
richard: yeah, i'm dfc.

austin: are you dtf?
kelsey: no, but i'm dfc.
by kelseyelizabethh August 08, 2009

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