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A term for a push cart which is used to carry your golf bag during a round of golf.
"Look at the guy he's got a dealie!"
by Dealie Master September 24, 2005
A word used to replace a noun when a person does not know what an object is
Doug:Dude pass me that big silver dealie.

Eric: u mean the spoon?

Doug yeah thats it
by Briden February 21, 2004
same as all them above, only it originated from The Simpsons. A word used regularly by Homer.
by Anonymous May 08, 2003
a word in oreder to repalce when one might say "the whatchamacallit" when they dont know that name for it
istead of put it on the whatchamacallit(when you mean the table or any other object) you say put it on the dealie
by beatrice May 07, 2003
something you say when you don't know what something is could be used as an exclamitation of pain, used to state an emotion, or meaning cool. Invented by Mickle Pivik last year.
1) "Hand me the dealie."
2) "Have you been to the dealie?"
3) "Were's the dealie?"
by Stanley Gorzelnik March 20, 2003
M-town slang for cigarette. Specifically, Camel Wides, but it extends to all smokable tobacco products.
"Jennaaaaa. Gimme a dealie, I'm out."
by choke October 30, 2005
a word used in place of another word. Usually during a mind blank.
Katie:wheres that..dealie...that ...ya know....scoops
Justine: A spoon?
Katie: YES!!!
*gets spoon*
by katie November 27, 2003
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