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concurrently celebrated with the traditional HALLoween, Phalloween is dressing your penis in a scary costume, going door to door and saying to the resident "dick or meat!"

possible dick costumes: constable, elephant trunk, PHALLUS cooper, prince charles, rosie odonnel. And for our dark skinned friends: al sharpton (phall sharpton),
what are you being for phalloween?

ehh, i was thinking of shaving my balls and being patrick stewart.
by k-nig October 31, 2007
the breasticles of a muscley woman
guy 1: check out the steak tits on that bitch!

guy 2: hell yea niglet, grab me some A1 and get the fuck out my room.....mmm i like em well done
by k-nig September 02, 2007
the bresticles of a very muscley woman.
yo man check out the steak tits on that slippery bitch over there!

damn yo, grab me some A1 and get the fuck out my room. its time to baste my T-boner.
by k-nig September 09, 2007
refering to the man penis. also known as dong, meat-stick, shlong, dick, etc.
girl: omg, your dangly wangly is hanging out your shorts
guy: aww yeaaa baby, now dont you worry your pretty little head about it
by k-nig August 14, 2007
having sex with the fat girl.
fucking a girl then cuming on her face.
having sex with a browntown while lynching her at the same time.
yo neil, did you bang that porch monkey?

yea, i was doin her from behind then poured koolaid on her back.

thats really disrespectfuked of you, NICE.
by k-nig November 20, 2007
man-cum, spermafoils, and/or ejaculate that has been released and settling for more than 2 hours, to where it has a gummy consistancy.

this is then inserted in the mouf
yo steak tits, i was wrangling my dangly wangly earlier and made a chewy treat for you.
by k-nig September 19, 2007
To throw a cobra at in Spain, or Huskies. In America, this is called being an asshole.
yo, i saw a niggle outside and i cobrared him

its like 20 nigrees outside
by k-nig December 13, 2007

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