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When C.B. is really drunk and urinates in nicks laundry basket. Upon furthur questioning, he states "It wasnt properly labeled."
by JW October 26, 2003
An expression used saying that mistakes are okay if they can still be corrected before a letter or package goes out the door or in the mailbox to the recipient. It refers to an office building that has a staff member who carries the mail to the mailbox. Once that person has hit the elevator, then the die is cast and the errors cannot be corrected.

Alternatively, it can be used to refer to hitting the send button and sending an e-mail that cannot be undone.
As long as it is okay when it hits the elevator. -boss

Oh man, my love letter to her is addressed to the listserver and it has already hit the elevator.
by JW July 01, 2009
An opportunity at a location southernmost that shall not be missed or passed up by a dear friend.
Hey you idiot, take the dupp!
by JW February 18, 2005
Making a mistake, usually with another girl. A huge mistake. Something like, getting head from a flat girl thats really ugly!
Jakey why did you try to get head from that girl? That's a big mistakey!
by jw June 18, 2003
A special kind of jizz .. fresh from a monkey ... what dreams are made of ... what you want the people in your company to be full of !... to have the power of greyskull.
Your a monkey jizzer - you are soooo good ... you are the best salesman around in this company !
by jw March 20, 2005
Short for Wilmington, Delaware.
Are you going to be home in Wilmo over break and hang out in Trolley Square?
by JW February 17, 2008
Modern day way of saying, "made ya look", when causing someone to turn their head to look at something that isn't really there.
guy- It's snowing
::other guy looks out the window::
by JW March 15, 2005

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