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mo·rass (mè-räs', mô-)n. 1. An area of low-lying, soggy ground. 2. Something that hinders, engulfs, or overwhelms. -
I got morass than you this weekend
by jw July 18, 2004
a massive clusterfuck of people, serving no apparent purpose.
Look at that morass of people.
by TIMOTHEOUS "DICK" BARLOW February 13, 2007
A hybridizing insult made up of two more popular insults, moron and asshole.
Quit being such an insipid morass...
by power deamon April 08, 2008
A adjective referring to someone who is both a moron and an asshole and thus making them more of an asshole than usual.
Her ex-husband is a total morass.
by dana73od September 16, 2009
An overwhelming barrage of thoughts about sex making it impossible to concentrate on anything else.
The morass is so bad today I can’t focus on work at all!
by LabelYour Axes September 19, 2015
alternative to the word morris
Jason Morass is a crazy mofo
by 89 June 13, 2003
Morass is someone who is a retard and likes to suck his dads rod at night. A not so common insult given to people you just dont like.
John man your such a god damn morass!
by Swede April 20, 2004

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