47 definitions by junior

a large nipple
She had small breasts but nipples as large as pancakes.
by Junior January 05, 2004
roman freese squeek squeek
da da da da da da da da ratman squeek
by junior May 05, 2005
slang term for a penis
"But officer, we were just necking".

"Well, put your neck back in your pantz and get out of the park."
by Junior January 05, 2004
1.A cousin of the dog
2.One of the best players in cTs
3.Ownes everyone but Tim Vader
1.The wolf and dog are related
2.Sven had no chance because he was against wolf
3.Wolf beats everyone until he meets with Tim Vader
by Junior July 28, 2004
a little black boy or homeless black boy who needs work
Did you see that sniglet standing on the corner?
by junior April 14, 2004
A Plastic band(bracelet) that is worn on one's wrist preferably by a so called 'Grungy' or n e who likes em the jist of em is if someone brakes your shagband u hav to shag em...thats about it really and they come in different colours n some mean different things ie.a kiss
Im drunk on a friday nite and a girl brakes my *black Shag Band* (thats the shaggin 1 black* so i shag em that nite (hypothetically) please post the meanings of otha colours
by Junior September 22, 2003
the bra size where the breast is finally slightly larger than the nipple by itself
Over the summer she graduated to a B-cup.
by Junior January 05, 2004
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