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A mustache for the cat, or puss if you will.
woa! did you see the muustaga on the german looking naked hoe, looked like hitler
by Junior February 09, 2005
a greek sex god, known for causing young-looking female "children" to become pregnant with his offspring.
I worked with a child-like nymph named Anne-Marie. When she discovered she was pregnant, she told me that a greek sex god had caused her to become pregnant with his offspring.

Rossmar made it quick, and fast, the little 97-pound girl felt nothing as he did his thing, mounting her quickly, squirting, and leaving her asleep but unsatiated.
by Junior January 07, 2004
A non malignant lump/growth of flesh, usually found on the face.
Robert De Niro's facial accessory
by junior December 09, 2004
hello everybody im zanett. the Beast COochie... I fawkin laugh at anythin when its not even funny...haha,..farts....haha.. People ask me why do i wear my sun glasses and i tell them im a SUPERSTAR!!!!! I put my hand s under my armpits and scream IM A SUPERSTAR!!!!
hobbies: i love nuts in my mouth......theeeeey'rrrrrrre grrrrrrrreat!!!!
by junior April 14, 2004
a bible masta who talks about his life in germany and wers suspenders....he's a fire fighter oolala
a working faith
by junior February 12, 2004
Rectal intercourse.
I was visited by a butt welder in the showers last evening.
by junior September 08, 2003
An extremly gay person.
This dude is such a mo man. he loves men. Bryan please be straight, ur being such a mo man rght now
by Junior May 05, 2005

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