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Originally, the title given to a Peruvian Paso horse rider. Typically, the best horse rider in a Peruvian town or village. A Chalan must earn this title. It is a title of respect.

The Chalan is the very definition of cool (think of early Clint Eastwood movies). He also happens to be the very definition of "sexy" and "hot." A cool, hot, sexy latin cowboy.
That dark man in the shadows over there is "El Chalan" (translated: "The Chalan").
by 90099 October 13, 2009
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Helper or assistant. Usually the lowest ranking bastard in the crew. He's the fucking go-for.
by Mexicanito September 16, 2004
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Es un dios pagano que cuando suena algo de metal cayendo, como unas monedas suenan: Chalan!
Dios del chalan, iluminame... Y el respondio: vete al carajo ueeyyy
by Junior October 31, 2003
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