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(adv.) when a severly fat person orders an assload of food but finishes the order off with "and a large DIET coke"
i'm tired of al's fatassery! he always says, "i'll have 2 big macs, supersize fries, apple pie & a large DIET coke, please."
by junewho October 18, 2006
dick & ball jeans, having jeans on so tight that it seems like they were made specifically to show off your package nut cutters nut huggers
lamont sanford from sanford & son was sure to ALWAYS wear his D & B jeans.
by junewho February 08, 2007
taking a break from something you SHOULD be doing to masterbate just because you have the time
Im tired of folding clothes. think I'll take a masterbreak.
by junewho July 11, 2008
what a guy really looks to earn by doing good deeds in hopes of gettin laid.
i'm gonna move this heavy dresser like my girl wants me to. maybe i'll earn enough pinkie points to finally get lucky or @ least get me a coochie coupon
by junewho February 08, 2009
when you say something out loud that you REALLY shouldn't!
if i had hair that pretty blonde, i wouldn't dye my roots black.
oh hell, did i say that? my bad. my thought bubble popped.
by junewho February 19, 2009
one who can't hit a golfball in a straight line to save their life!
"look where you're hittin that damn ball you shankosaurus! i'm in the freakin' parking lot!"
by junewho February 21, 2009
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