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the best name ever given to lilyoclembo.
clembie, you are the DONGMASTER! you be ballin'!
by jumbie July 26, 2004
to fix something that's been fucked up.
i gotta unupfuck things wit' my girl.
by jumbie July 26, 2004
when holdsie dances it up while stoned off his ass.
oh shit, here comes the holdsmostone again. quick! get the camera!
by jumbie July 26, 2004
(n) Sexy young woman, preferably jewish, preferably long "blonde" curly hair, accesorized with glasses and a smile that makes one melt.
Mindy, a young woman who's beauty fills the rooms she walks into.
by Jumbie March 07, 2005
the. best. game. ever.
call of duty is simply the best fucking game ever made.
by jumbie July 27, 2004

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