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a hot milf so hot
derval think shes hot too lol
dervals mom is such a milf
by josh choi February 20, 2005
da best name ever
da coolest person alive
i wish shmitty was my name
by josh choi February 20, 2005
A Juice flavor in a juice store called Mildaks Juice. Also the name of a kid named Camille Gargour
Mildak Mango
Casey Cherry Berry
Bach Berry Blue
Camille Garour
by Josh Choi February 22, 2005
da future nba champs theyre so crazily good jus wait in few years all their players r young and hav much to improve and once they do theyll dominate the nba
los angeles clippers wouldve been in da playoff spot(2004-2005) if their players never got injured
by josh choi March 24, 2005
da best word ever made by shmitty
bach is such a cool word
by josh choi February 20, 2005

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