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the bengals of the NBA; they suck and are ultra cheap
The Clippers never resign free agents
by Craiggers March 29, 2004
shitty basketball team; used to be in San Diego; only 4 playoff berths in about 30 year history of franchise; never resign any good free agents; no playoff berths since '96; they suck ass
The Clippers owner must be retarded.
by 000 October 20, 2003
They suck major shit, no talent on the team. Disgrace to Los Angeles and the lakers. Should just stop playing basketball and the NBA should make them a d league team. Their roster is full of gays such as Kaman, Davis, and Brian cook.


Vinny likes pussy
Davis is a fatass
just look at their record in their past two years.
by GOAAAN December 08, 2010
An amazing team run by the brilliance of veteran point guard RICK BRUNSON, rookie PG Shaun livingston, and featuring an array of talented players. WILL MAKE THE NBA PLAYOFFS IN 2006!
They have great talent!
by Mac Fairbairn June 06, 2005
NBA team that is quickly rising,they have a deadly backcourt in Sam Cassell,Cuttino Mobley and dominate the paint with Elton Brand and the hairiest center in the league,Chris Kaman

currently 5th in the western conference,keep on believin,Clipp fans!
the los angeles clippers were taken as a joke by everyone in the past,but everyone is scared shitless of them now
by tha truth teller March 12, 2006
da future nba champs theyre so crazily good jus wait in few years all their players r young and hav much to improve and once they do theyll dominate the nba
los angeles clippers wouldve been in da playoff spot(2004-2005) if their players never got injured
by josh choi March 24, 2005

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