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see Strong Sad
by jonny March 28, 2003
relating to the weather
The test had weatherical questions on it.
by jonny December 03, 2002
u use it to catch some1s attention
hey come over here!BOOBLECHEM!
oh yo wats up...nmu?
by jonny April 05, 2003
a term used to describe a particular amount of bev, bev being a small, crappy little poser dick. the "wad" refers to the precise quantity of bevs needed to maintain this bevness.
"hey man, get a load of that chunky assed bevwad"
"jeeeesus, that is one serious wad there man."
by jonny March 11, 2005
1) a charva's last resort
2) some charvas collect them or trade them for fags
'givus 10 pence like'
by Jonny October 01, 2003
JonnyP made this and it means that ur dik is so long you can use it as a kik stand
my dik is 4 and a half feet long so i can just lean over and use it as a kik stand
by jonny September 19, 2004
State of being where your brain is so blank you're thinking retarded thoughts.
dude 1:"Dude, I was so out of it last i nite!"
dude 2"Yeah man, you were limnifigistic!"
by Jonny July 23, 2004

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