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74 definitions by jonny

a black hairy man aka indian
look at that big nignog over there
by jonny March 22, 2005
43 115
A band for girls who want to pretend they are some kind of rock chick.
Reknowned for looking like dorks, I am ashamed to live in the country next to theirs.
Welsh people across the nation have been crying themselves to sleep at night for one of the following reasons:
1)They are ashamed that this band are from their nation
2)They like this band and are emo-kiddies whose lifes are so hard and unbearable.
"Hey my life is so hard so I went and bought this FFAF CD."
"Whys your life hard?"
"I have an ex-girlfriend."
"Oh jee that is a shame man... hey but at least you can create an emo band now."
by Jonny January 05, 2005
37 110
The fags who loose to St. Johns in football the past 4 years.
Bob says, Man Xaverian lost to St. Johns again.
Joe responds, Yeah they suck at football.
by Jonny April 01, 2005
89 199
People who are anti peace and are work machines with no respect for the environment
Any Republican

(specifically george bush and his bushies)
by Jonny March 30, 2005
33 231