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74 definitions by jonny

A misspelling of the popular British comedy programme Little Britain.
Features Matt Lucas and David Walliams as the main stars, with helping hands from the likes of Anthony Head, known for his role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Often quoted by the people of Britain.
"Hey did you see Little Britain last night?"
"Yeah, good, wasn't it?"
"Yeah...but no but yeah but no but yeah but no cos Candice said was round the back of the bike sheds with James Thomson and SHUT UP!"
"Jim, you can't do the f***ing impression. Shut up."
by Jonny January 05, 2005
a norwegian synonyme for "big dick"
or "huge cock"
wow, he's like ViZi0n or something
by Jonny December 01, 2003
The hottest vietnamese girl... EVER!
Jawknee ::hearts:: Britknee
by Jonny October 11, 2004
(adj.)state of being both confuzzled and frusterated.
This test is confusterating me!
by jonny December 03, 2002
The jewish way of saying "hurting"
Mostletoff!! Fuck that Pain schmain
by Jonny December 28, 2004
when you think someting is gross
wow your mom is shnoziating
by jonny September 30, 2004
Someone who was generally bullied throughout his life and probably has never gotten pussy. The bulkus is a creature of large fatty-tissued dimensions. However, inspite of this fact he has managed to gain a lot of muscular size. Although generally the bulkus would not survive in teh world of bodybuilding due to the requirements of low bodyfat.
The bulkus glanced at a picture of a lean bodybuilder and laughed to himself "HAH! Look at that skinny kid!" and continued to eat his happy meal
by Jonny February 16, 2004