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74 definitions by jonny

short for being showed up. Se also, owned, ruled, schooled
Man, you got uped bad.
by Jonny June 19, 2004
2 5
- a spray of snow on a late season northwest cascade powder day, carve it frontside, carve it back side and the spray looks like diareah off the bottom of your board, thick, mooshy snow, soupy snow, wet and soppy but fun as hell.

- the spray that come's out at the end of your "potatoe gun" when you ignite it to lounch a potatoe 100 yards
: - We went up to stevens pass WA last saturday in late march, 15 inches of wet soppy snow fell the day before and all day long we were getting "Potatoe Spray" Turns that sounded like we were riding the water slide at Marine World.

: - When i lived out in sultan basin we used to launch Potatoes out of our make shift Poatatoe gun and the "Potatoe Spray" from the gun when we laucnhed them would cover a 10 yard radius.
by Jonny March 28, 2004
1 4
Some one who is very overweight and poses danger to anyone in the vicinity of him.
When I saw a Lipidman, I ran for the other way as fast as I could.
by Jonny October 25, 2003
6 9
some fuckin wanker that thought he could rip off the word noob
omg ur such a noobzor
by Jonny October 13, 2003
31 34
i don't understand
shmere? wats that mean?
by jonny April 03, 2003
0 3
Good weed or hash. "Pure" grass, no seeds, no stalks in it.
Give me a hook up on dat pure.
by jonny March 04, 2005
11 16
A word used only by complete idiots to describe conditions that are damp. (Mo)
Last night I felt very moistrous
by jonny May 17, 2004
3 9