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74 definitions by jonny

1) A statement to express inner calm and tranquility.
2) Has been more recently misconceived of not being bothered or not having the energy to do something.
1) nuff nuff nuff (repeat till fade)
2) feeling nuffed or feeling the nuff
by Jonny November 16, 2004
wen ya turn sumthing round or have something that spins
im goin to flip reverse my shoes and my phone whoa my coffe jus \flip reversed it also a twat song by 10 twats
by jonny March 01, 2004
a fat man with small balls
Leigh Brandt (Teo's brother)
by jonny October 03, 2004
the word meens dog
the smelly dog took a shit!!!!!
by jonny December 10, 2003
When you lick your hand and slap someone on the forehead with it
Lets give that guy a slapstick
by Jonny August 11, 2003
expressing a feeling of moo,used by cows
by jonny December 03, 2002
An inhabitant of Manchester, a city with a particularly high crime rate due to scousers having stolen everything in their own shithole, (see Liverpool).

Not to be confused with followers of Manchester city, who are known as "bitters", (see Stockport).
Scouser: You're crime rat'es higher than ours you Manc twat
Manc: That's because you go elsewhere on the rob you granny-stabbing doleite
by Jonny December 23, 2003