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a name given to a person of great superiorty; very pretty
if i could be one thing it would be a lau
by stacy March 24, 2005
emotion akin to love, but more powerful
okay, so i love my girlfriend, but i lau you, goobie.
by duttyyouth September 29, 2003
Used in the Netherlands a.k.a. Holland and surroundings as an extra definition to cool.
That's 'lau'.
(That's cool.)
by Güney Doganer August 29, 2003
LAU - Standing for Laugh at you
The U comes from substituting the you for U
Friend: I fell down the stairs
Friend2: LAU
by ---Luke--- September 26, 2007
To love dearly, infatuated, desires
I lau going to football games.
by Colorado-Jay April 05, 2013
An acronynm (similar to Laugh out loud) meaning 'Laughs at you'.

It can also mean 'you are lame' due to the connotation of the word and the fact that backwards it is UAL.
jimmy: today i ran 5 dungeons on WoW but realized i forgot to eat anything today...

ted: Lau. WoW is lame making you, subsequently, lame.
by amonstar January 09, 2011
to think of what society want you to do and do the exact opposite
to 'laus'
by Methisia November 09, 2003
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