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WestSide Connection, Ice cube aka the gangster, WC aka the killer, mack10 aka the drugdealer
its a dub s cee thang dub cee brang
by jake December 08, 2003
West Side Cobb. Represent from whispering pines to loch lomond
shit. we wore red in the WSC and got shot. bitch, we better wear blue next time
by mack daddy May 19, 2003
White Stripes Crew. A group of friends who were envied by others. Only started with a simple white stripe of electrical tape placed on their upper left arm. WSC is a group of friends who were always together and done crazy things together that society was corrupted by.
Non-WSC: Isn't WSC so cool?
Other Non-WSC: Yea, I am so jealous of them
WSC: I know, everyone wants to be like us.
by jonfizzle November 12, 2003
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