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A very retarded girl asking a very retarded question on answers.yahoo.com. Who obviously doesn't know proper grammar or spelling.
Fearless Cheerleader:Cheerleaders Y du u think their stupid?
ok so i am a cheerleader an i am smart but all you think cheerleader r stupid and only think of thier selfs. R u jelouse becuz we get all the boys and u dont. is it bcuz we get the attention. is it bcuz u tried out and didnt make it. i like soccer but im not good at it. ok so you r 1 of those retards who think were stupid but SHUT UP maybe it is bcuz we dress better at abercrombie areopostal hollister and are preppy..................if you play chess you are such a loser thinking this sport is dumb.

good posrts

BORING sports
-and all that other geeky stuff.

Answer: Because you're a stupid bitch!!!
by Jokesterpants June 29, 2009
The best by far out of all 50 states. We some of the friendliest folk you will ever find. Although some of our people speak with a kind of Canadian accent buts thats more to the north. By far the best city is Milwaukee, home to the Milwaukee Brewers. Theres lots to do in Wisconsin such as Summerfest, deer hunting, going to the Dells (Home to Americas largest waterpark), hanging by Lake Michigan, and many others. We also have the most famous football team in the leauge the Green Bay Packers (who by the way won the first and second Super Bowls so all you other states can suck it.) Wisconsins state animal is the Badger which is a very beautiful animal. And even the Super Bowl trophy is named after our famous coach Vince Lombardi. The weather is always nice except it can drastically change on the spot. Overall Wisconsin is the best place to live. The Packers are known to have a very huge rivalry with the Chicago Bears (who suck) and the Minnesota Vikings (also suck.)
Packers Vs. Bears in Green Bay

Bears Fan: Booo Packers suck!!!

Packer Fan: Hey dir friend nice to see you here at the game.

Bears Fan: Booo Packers su..what?

Packers Fan: I said welcome to wisconsin friend.

Bears Fan: Damn Urban Dictionary didn't lie when they said people from Wisconsin were friendly.
by Jokesterpants June 25, 2009
According to Family Guy Wisconsin is the the sanctuary of fat people which being a Wisconsinite I can say that is very very true.
"Lois, everyone has their sanctuary. The Catholics have churches, fat people have Wisconsin, and I have the Pawtucket Brewery."
- Peter in Wasted Talent
by Jokesterpants June 25, 2009
Basically a phrase that is telling the rest of society to suck it. Most likely done when you do an act that only benefits yourself.
Person 1: Dude aren't you going to pick up that piece of trash?
Person 2: No why?
Person 1: Because thats littering...
Person 2: Your point?
Person 1: Hmmm...
Person 2: Take that society.
Person 1: Nice...
by Jokesterpants August 15, 2009
Also known as the Hudson Plane landing on January 15th, 2009 was an attack by the Candians using their own wild life i.e. Canadian Geese to bring down an American Airliner. This will not be accepted and action should be taken against Canada.
Guy #1: Hey man, you remember that plane that landed on the Hudson?

Guy #2: Yeah what about it?

Guy #1: Do you remember how it went down?

Guy #2: Uhh yeah birds flew into the engines right?

Guy #1: Yes but what kinds of birds?

Guy #2: Ummm Geese right?

Guy #1: Canadian Geese!!!!

Guy #2: Ohmigod!!! Those son of a bitches!!!

Guy #1: Exactly we need to do something about this!!

Guy #2: Premptive Strike!!!!

Guy #1: Hellz yeah!!!

Guy #2: Man this will go down in history as the infamous Canadian Geese Attack.
by Jokesterpants August 05, 2009
A group of 3 7th grade girls of extremely high annoyance. They mostly attack on
the unsuspecting. Their main attack is normally sitting with the person who is
sitting in the seat at the back of the bus that is made for 1 person. Common
names for devil children are Whitney, Katrina, and Caitlyn. It should also be
noted that once devil children decide to attack there is no stopping them.

Guy sitting alone in the 1 seater seat at the back of the bus. All the devil children pile into the seat so he can't breath as all three of them are sitting
on top of him.
by jokesterpants April 02, 2009
When you touch the screen on your computer and it makes a tiny ripple on it. There is no actual point to this its just fun to see what cool stuff you can touch on your computer.
2 people talking on Instant Messenger
Person 1: Hey man I'm so freakin bored I dont know what to do.
Person 2: Hey man I was bored about an hour ago but now I figured out how to Screen Ripple you should try it.
Person 1: Hey thanks man I'm no longer bored you rock!!!
by Jokesterpants June 07, 2009
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