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A very retarded girl asking a very retarded question on Who obviously doesn't know proper grammar or spelling.
Fearless Cheerleader:Cheerleaders Y du u think their stupid?
ok so i am a cheerleader an i am smart but all you think cheerleader r stupid and only think of thier selfs. R u jelouse becuz we get all the boys and u dont. is it bcuz we get the attention. is it bcuz u tried out and didnt make it. i like soccer but im not good at it. ok so you r 1 of those retards who think were stupid but SHUT UP maybe it is bcuz we dress better at abercrombie areopostal hollister and are preppy..................if you play chess you are such a loser thinking this sport is dumb.

good posrts

BORING sports
-and all that other geeky stuff.

Answer: Because you're a stupid bitch!!!
by Jokesterpants June 29, 2009
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