Also known as the Hudson Plane landing on January 15th, 2009 was an attack by the Candians using their own wild life i.e. Canadian Geese to bring down an American Airliner. This will not be accepted and action should be taken against Canada.
Guy #1: Hey man, you remember that plane that landed on the Hudson?

Guy #2: Yeah what about it?

Guy #1: Do you remember how it went down?

Guy #2: Uhh yeah birds flew into the engines right?

Guy #1: Yes but what kinds of birds?

Guy #2: Ummm Geese right?

Guy #1: Canadian Geese!!!!

Guy #2: Ohmigod!!! Those son of a bitches!!!

Guy #1: Exactly we need to do something about this!!

Guy #2: Premptive Strike!!!!

Guy #1: Hellz yeah!!!

Guy #2: Man this will go down in history as the infamous Canadian Geese Attack.
by Jokesterpants August 05, 2009
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