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100 definitions by john smith

The funniest thing.
OMG, thats just MAXLOL!
by John Smith August 18, 2003
a hooden is another way to say jew
u want to call sum1 a jew just say ur a hooden
by john smith November 12, 2004
Geezer how gets big muscles from this thing called grey skull
"by the power of grey skull, i have the power!"
by John Smith January 06, 2004
Something stylish and sporty. Ofton used to describe cars, particularly BMWs
Get your meximobile honda outta here and make way for my bimmer spoat!
by John Smith May 12, 2003
Someone Who was orginally called Sk8bordin01 and used AOL and Used IGn but left AOL and IGN!
My Q is on Fire and is Green
by John Smith September 02, 2004
A nickname of Keith Graham, often used for purposes of torment as well as just to put him in an overall sour mood. In certain situations the name queef can be a useful tool for smacking that goofy grin off of his face.
Queef stop being such a straight up geek!
by John Smith July 11, 2004
a weard prick who does it doggie with the teacher
by john smith October 21, 2003