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A hair style very simalar to a fauxhawk or fohawk. Instead of having the hair on the side as longer and then combing it up into the middle to form the fauxhawk, The hair in the middle is left longer and is combed straight up. The side hair is combed to the center as well, but forms the sides of the 'hawk. A much cleaner version of the fauxhawk. Named after creator.
A: Nice fauxhawk, joe
J: Its not a fauxhawk, its a joehawk
by joecacola January 31, 2005
The best Burrito in the world. A burrito franchise located in various parts of the US under different owners.
Wanna go to freebirds? Yeah Im really down for a Monster right now.
by joecacola January 31, 2005
Related to facebook. When someone asks to be your friend on the facebook
Jon friended Laura after hooking up with her the night before
by joecacola January 31, 2005
Adj. Talented or unusually skilled. Gives a thrill. Money. skrill
"Man, you was so money at the casino tonight. You was skrilled at Texas"

"Fingas so skrilled you be moanin all night long"
by joecacola January 31, 2005
Refers to Rialto, CA.
I grew up in R-town. The hood
by joecacola January 31, 2005
1. Work someone.
3. Outplay, show up, humiliate, juke.
3. Show unusual talent or skill. Thrill an audience.
"Im gonna skrill you on the court tonight. Ill juke you so hard you be five steps behind me"

"Its our 3 month anniversary. Im gonna skrill you in the bedroom tonight"
by joecacola January 31, 2005

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