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A term used when asessing the potential body porportions of a woman. Similar to the paws of a young puppy, women with thick ankles will tend to grow into them. more directly stated, god gave wimen thick ankles when they needed support for dey mo ass.
you to a friend: hey mofo. check out my new woman. i picked her up in the bar at 130 am last night.

your cool friend: debra shaw that she dropped trow for ya last night, but does the ho pass the ankle test ?
by joe shit the rag man April 18, 2004
Background: A term misheard by and older person, when listening to 2 young gentlemen discussing last night's double date (as an example)...

hence, it could be substituted for 'dat be shaaap' when in a a highly cultural event.
original example:

you: my ho just got hor tonsils out, but she still spoke into the purple microphone last night. what a trooper.
your cool friend: dat beee shaaap (spoken quickly)
your older hard-of-hearing friend: who is debra shaw?

example 2:

your friend, in a tux, at the kennedy center: man, check out that fat asss bitch over there trying to squeeze into dat tight dress. she split the back of it, the stupid cow !!

you, remaining cultured: debra shaw
by joe shit the rag man April 18, 2004
used by one cool man to another, in lieu of saying " that is outstanding, young man"
you: my ho gave me a woodie, but den wouldn't give me a blow job, so I pee-ed all over hor clean bathroom flo".

your cool friend: dayuiz !!! (could alternately substitute 'debra shaw' (see 'debra shaw' for definition)
by joe shit the rag man April 17, 2004
used when referring to 2 of a set, as in cats, car keys, tits
will you look at boff o dem ?
by joe shit the rag man April 17, 2004
used when expressing an immediate need to vacate the area, due to a eye-tearing sage (see 'sage' for definition)
background: you and your buddies are enjoying a nice meal of refired beans, saucerkraut, and hot peppers, when suddenly....

" sage!! ooops - FIRE IN DA HOLE !!!!" he exclaimed while proceedingto the toilet to 'freshen up'
by joe shit the rag man April 17, 2004
a more 'street' version of the term 'love'.
you, to your sweetheart: course I lub you, ho. now get over here and speak into the purple microphone
by joe shit the rag man April 18, 2004
used to warn others of impending odor from gaseous emissions (in lieu of the more crass "I just farted")

a more polite way (than the common "did you fart?) to ask if the person next to you emitted gas
hey mofo !!! did you sage??
by joe shit the rag man April 17, 2004
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