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Background: A term misheard by and older person, when listening to 2 young gentlemen discussing last night's double date (as an example)...

hence, it could be substituted for 'dat be shaaap' when in a a highly cultural event.
original example:

you: my ho just got hor tonsils out, but she still spoke into the purple microphone last night. what a trooper.
your cool friend: dat beee shaaap (spoken quickly)
your older hard-of-hearing friend: who is debra shaw?

example 2:

your friend, in a tux, at the kennedy center: man, check out that fat asss bitch over there trying to squeeze into dat tight dress. she split the back of it, the stupid cow !!

you, remaining cultured: debra shaw
by joe shit the rag man April 18, 2004
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