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An erection.
Look at that donkey over there. His woodie is quite magnificent.
by Bungalow Bill February 16, 2002
Raised in tht Yoc life and straight G. Not these fake ass ones these dayz. Proud Norteno and all tha soldiers ridin for tht NORTE giv much respect to Woodie Wood. I wish i wouldve known him. We wouldve learned alot 4rm him but we can learn it thru his music. He had an amazing gift nigga. He will always be rememberd.
"Fuk a bitch, fuk a snitch, keep a joint up in yo lips" - Woodie

"When enemies approach should i run or should i kill, fuk runnin im gunnin producin murders wit my steel!" - Woodie

"My mother prays that i quit tha life i lead. Damn i try to change my ways but these streets are callin me and i love her to death but at tha same time ima soldier i gotta put in work to let rivals kno they cnt get ova" - Woodie
by .CHATO:: May 01, 2009
Its another word for boner. When you see some one and u get turned on.
Guy#1:Dude did you see that girl she was sexy
Guy#2: Yeah i saw her she got me a big woodie
by GetItOn October 18, 2009
Woodie is 1950s-60s surfer slang for a wood-paneled stationwagon.
Jan and Dean drove their woodie down to the beach.
by Boadi Rigaud February 23, 2007
a wordie/foodie person who may possibly be moody
Finna nosh on this jicama slaw bruh, strait wòódie style
by hahafuck July 12, 2015
An extremely inquisitive person that can have a conversation with your voicemail and has a birthmark between her boobs.
Friend 1: Yo that girl was mad annoying she asked a million questions and did not stop talking.

Friend 2: Damn, what a woodie.
by Jchickens September 24, 2010
A wooden roller coaster.
I like the steel roller coasters, but I prefer the classic woodies.
by kwood July 23, 2005
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