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30 definitions by joe blow

rolling on the floor laughing my ass off all day long
joe: i felt so bad calling 911 and telling them i locked myself inside of my car.

fred: rotflmaoadl
by joe blow March 14, 2005
a stupid person, a vulgar yet truthful term...a boxular object which a women douches in
yo man you stupid fuck don't fucking be a douche box...AWW SHIT...i just nailed my bitch and she needs a box to douche in
by joe blow February 15, 2003
someone who's brain, tho found in their pants, only functions when their dick is hard, therefore they have practiced a permanent erection
Saint Ownsalot
by Joe Blow December 03, 2003
an iced out gangsta with 50 bitches on each arm and a car with bling blingin pimp-ass rims
those rims r iced out holmes
by joe blow February 15, 2003
A European, or American who wishes he/she were European, with an ultra-liberal view of the world, who believes that the United States should roll over like a bunch of pussies and become testicle-less Socialist wimps like they are.
John Kerry is a Euroweenie.
by Joe Blow February 02, 2005
a dick that goes up then does a 180 on itself.
looks like he could lift 50 pounds with that captain hook of his.
by joe blow November 12, 2002
To pull your Johnson out of a girls (or guys) ass and promptly shove it in her mouth.
While I was jackhammering her ass I decided to give her a dirty Pablo, I so pulled pole out and shoved it in her mouth! She loved it!
by Joe Blow February 11, 2005