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When you lift your hand to stop a perfectly good conversation of mocking somone. "Talk to the Hand" is, has, and always will be stupid stupid stupid. It is done by annoying white girls and oreos. Stupid Stupid Stupid.
Me: Wow so I heard your an idiot
Stupid idiot: Talk to the hand
Me: Wow stupid!
by JOE BLOW June 17, 2004
a fucking BITCH girl
your a dumb cocamo
by joe blow October 10, 2003
Synonymous with asspirate
This guy Bobbie Stan, he is a real fucktart.
by Joe Blow October 31, 2002
A term of endearment used by momma dick's when they are happy their children at their dinner.
Sally Dick, Why are you the GREATEST dickmunch their ever was?!
by Joe Blow February 02, 2004
sound from liberals when their mouth moves
how can you tell when fat teddy k is lying? his lips are moving.
by joe blow March 12, 2005
Mythical creature. It's like a horse with a seat on its head.
"Every girl wants a unicorn for her 16th birthday."
"I'd say. Its ever better than a vibrator!"
by Joe Blow July 05, 2004
can be good but usually dumb
wow your poetry could be good but its probably dumb
by JOE BLOW June 17, 2004

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