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Noun: A person who believes that they deserve their high pay much more than anyone else who works just as hard as they do. They have a lot of shiny objects and generally look down upon those who do not have shiny objects, or those with less shiny objects.

Yuppies will move into an area that was once affordable in the city, but they got wind that it was “hip” to live in Wicker Park, or SoHo, or the Teapot District, so they gentrify it.

Gentrify means to make unaffordable for anyone but yuppies.
I have to live in a high crime area and drive a 1983 Celebrity, cuz the yuppies moved into all the good cheap places.

$1000 a month for one room in a hellhole, and the yuppies make fun of my car.
by Jimmy D October 13, 2003
a gathering, a group, or a gaggle of people that work in a financial institution.

Guy in front of the 5th National Bank: Look at that wunch of bankers!
by Jimmy D October 13, 2003
The condition of near constant aggrevation and bitching caused by listening to too much emo music.
Dashboard Confessional has given my son emolepsy!
by Jimmy D March 18, 2004
An even gayer and more insulting way of calling someone gay.
You homosesual
by Jimmy D May 17, 2003
vegatble garden vs. a flower garden
Jimbo: Haney, air ye growin' any 'maters this year in yer backgyard?

Haney: Nope. No crops. Wife's growin' flares this year.

Jimbo: Alright then.
by Jimmy D October 13, 2003
Someone who moans a lot when drunk
Stop being such a fucking mutley
by Jimmy D May 17, 2003
A very attractive female that makes a man squeal with delight.
Clem: That dern Jeannie's Sister on "I Dream of Jeannie" shore is a Yodel Girl!

Ezekiel: They're the same woman, Clem.

Clem: Nope. That sister's purtier.

by Jimmy D October 11, 2003
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