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adj. unuasual interest/fascination of death and unpleasent things..
i drew a real morbid drawing yesterday...
by jimi August 17, 2004
From 1979 and Joey Deacons first ever appearence on Blue Peter (UK kids TV show for septic retards) The art of forcing your tongue against your bottom lip while making "NNNNRRRRGGGGGHHHH" sound just like old Joe Deek did
"you total spazz NNNRRRGGGGHHHHH"
by Jimi March 29, 2005
a game played at social functions where there are large amounts of women. You get one run each time you nudge a womans tit, four runs for a one handed grab and to hit a six requires a two handed two tit grab, the bloke with the most runs wins.
did ya see that steveo just got two sixes in a row! what a legend!
by jimi July 14, 2004
A 4chan term that was made because of the masses of Rei hentai made.
"*posts Rei hentai*"
"I'd hit it."
"ZOMG!11 REI!"
by Jimi October 22, 2004
a black eye, almost like o.o or o.O
can also be o.Ø or Ø.o
chatd00d1: i soo beat u in tekke man
chatd00d2: yeah i like soo got a black eye o.Ø
by jimi August 17, 2004
the act of masturbation in an extreme form
the other night i was hanging at my crib and had my ho punch the midget
by jimi December 05, 2004
l33t speak (aka 1337) for the word cool, as the word f00 (fool) the "L" is dropped and the O's are replaced with 0's..
Wow, that was one c00 guy...
by jimi July 10, 2004

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