127 definitions by jimbo

A small fur bearing animal that consumes large amounts of meat.
A woman who shoves massive cocks into her pussy.
by Jimbo April 06, 2005
Definately the Ultimate Rock Band
American "Rock" is shit and come nowhere close
Just fucking listen to them
by Jimbo August 05, 2004
ass sweat after you've done physical activity
quite a practice eh? my shorts are soaked with ass water.
by jimbo July 12, 2003
the primary cause of fatboys around the world
hey, you're fat, did you eat 20 burgers?
by Jimbo December 11, 2003
The Guilt felt after eating a McDonalds meal by a person who, in principle, disagrees with everything McDonalds is and stands for.
I was so hungry and all i could find was a McDonalds so i ordered a large Big Mac meal and three cheesburgers and two large shakes.....and a couple of extra fries. Then i got The McGuilt and the McSweats.
by jimbo January 27, 2005
A supporter of the blue and white half side of sheffield.
ayup son, is thi a wednesdayite?
by Jimbo March 17, 2004
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