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A heavy box full of gay people.
Ouch! My toe broke after the queerbox fell upon it.
by twinkie April 01, 2005
queer box somebody so homosexual it seems that they are a small box and all the homosexuality in the universe is concentrated within that small box
you are such a big Queer Box
by shit bag February 05, 2006
a big heavy box full of queer
D: OMG that guy is soo hot.
J: OMG you are such a queerbox.
by Jimbo March 14, 2005
Any annoying or dumb person.
Bryan Q, is being a really big bitch by complaining about how bad he is at everything, and I say "Bryan you're such a queerbox."
by Jackson Pollack III March 22, 2008
An anoying homosexual man
Jacob, you are such a queerbox!
by Jerry Lewis June 07, 2003
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