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An incredibly skilled jazz saxophonist, Kenny Garrett has performed with many famous jazz musicians including Miles Davis and Art Blakey. Not to be confused with soprano saxophonist Kenny G (Gorelick), who predominately plays non-jazz related repertoire such as shopping mall and elevator music, Kenny Garrett is a highly skilled improviser and jazz composer.
Kenny Garrett gave a great performance at the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival.
by jim17g April 26, 2006
Same as ain't happening or not happening. Reference of a highly comical Capital One Commercial featuring David Spade.
Customer: Can my miles card get me to Mexico?
Agent: no way jose.
Customer: Saint Thomas?
Agent: Saint happening.
by jim17g April 05, 2005
An economical yet attractive portajohn model weighing about 196 pounds. Has a light enhancing roof and is very expensive.
Person 1: Hey what type of portajohn did you order?

Person 2: I went with the Green John model.
by Jim17g January 21, 2005
See fumbalaya

When a player fumbles the ball in the game of football. Often shouted by announcers and can be said by players engaging in any type of football video game when a fumble occurs.
Player 1: Oh man theres a first down, hes goin...ahhhh fuckin fumble!!
Player 2: Fumblerooski!
by jim17g April 05, 2005

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