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A trick play formerly used in American football before it was banned. In a fumblerooski, the quarterback sets the ball on the ground after the snap, and leads defenders away. If successful, a single unnoticed lineman picks up the ball and barrels down the field.

This play has been banned in all levels of American football; last run in 1992, by the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the team largely responsible for its popularity.
1984 Orange Bowl, Nebraska v Miami: down 17-0, famous Nebraska coach and current congressman Tom Osborne called a successful fumblerooski in which a lineman rumbled 20 yards for a score, taking the defense and spectators completely by surprise.
by zoogies August 13, 2006
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See fumbalaya

When a player fumbles the ball in the game of football. Often shouted by announcers and can be said by players engaging in any type of football video game when a fumble occurs.
Player 1: Oh man theres a first down, hes goin...ahhhh fuckin fumble!!
Player 2: Fumblerooski!
by jim17g April 05, 2005
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